The augur buzzard (Buteo augur), also known as the north African jackal buzzard, is the only buzzard in Africa with a red tail. The species was named by the German naturalist Eduard Rüppell, who worked in North Africa and Ethiopia in the early 1800s. But it is not clear why it is called augur. A captive-bred 10-year-old Augur Hawk named Taima is the live mascot of the Seattle Seahawks American Football team. The augur buzzard lives in the mountains (most typically at about 2000 m altitude, but up to 5000 m), and adjacent savannah and grassland. The augur buzzard pounces on its prey from a high perch or from a hover. Augur buzzards are members of the Buteo genus, a group of hawks found all over the world and known for their broad wings, relatively short tails, and the ability to soar for long periods of time
Augur buzzardAugur buzzard