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The Eurasian red crossbill (Loxia curvirostra) has a dark bill which is crossed at the tip, hence its name. A stocky medium finch with red-orange body, brighter red rump, and dark brown wings, the Red Crossbill is dependent on the seed cones that are its main food. A crossbill's odd bill shape helps it get into tightly closed cones. A bird's biting muscles are stronger than the muscles used to open the bill, so the Red Crossbill places the tips of its slightly open bill under a cone scale and bites down. The crossed tips of the bill push the scale up, exposing the seed inside. Its peculiar bill allows it access to the seeds, and it will breed whenever it finds areas with an abundance of cones. The Red Crossbill is so dependent upon conifer seeds it even feeds them to its young. It can breed any time it finds a sufficiently large cone crop, even in the depths of winter.
Red crossbillRed crossbillRed crossbill