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Meyer's parrot (Poicephalus meyeri), also known as the Brown Parrot, is named after the German physician, naturalist, and ornithologist Bernhard Meyer. It has a dull brown head, back and tail, green or blue-green abdomen, blue rump and bright yellow markings on the carpal joint of the wings. Most subspecies have some yellow on the top of the head as well. They are from central and eastern sub-Saharan Africa - an extremely large land mass. They appear to be most prolific in Zimbabwe and northern Botswana. Meyer's Parrots inhabit the moist woodland areas, the edges of the dry savannah, wooded grasslands, forests along watercourses and agricultural land - up to 2200m.
Meyer's parrotMeyer's parrotMeyer's parrotMeyer's parrotMeyer's parrot