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The Oriental darter or Indian darter (Anhinga melanogaster) is a water bird of tropical South Asia and Southeast Asia. The darters or snakebirds (Anhinga) are mainly tropical waterbirds in the family Anhingidae having a single genus Anhinga. Darters have completely webbed feet. See also Anhinga / Snakebird. It has a long and slender neck with a straight, pointed bill and, like the cormorant, it hunts for fish while its body submerged is in water. It spears a fish underwater, bringing it above the surface, tossing and juggling it before swallowing the fish head first. The body remains submerged as it swims, and the slender neck alone is visible above the water, which accounts for the colloquial name of snakebird.Darters and anhingas have wettable feathers and are often found perched on a rock or branch with their wings held open to dry.
Indian darterIndian darterOriental DarterOriental DarterOriental DarterOriental Darter