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The Crimson Rosella (Platycercus elegans) is native to east and south east Australia (Southern Queensland to Victoria in Australia). The crimson rosella is also known as Red Lowry, Pennant's parakeet, Campbell parakeet, (blue) mountain parrot, (blue) mountain lowry or just plain lowry. Crimson Rosellas are mainly seed and fruit eaters. They forage on the ground and in the outer foliage of trees, picking up seed ready to eat or breaking into fruit holding it in the left foot. There are several colour forms of the Crimson Rosella. The form it is named for has mostly crimson (red) plumage and bright blue cheeks. The feathers of the back and wing coverts are black broadly edged with red. The flight feathers of the wings have broad blue edges and the tail is blue above and pale blue below and on the outer feathers. The 'Yellow Rosella' has the crimson areas replaced with light yellow and the tail more greenish. The 'Adelaide Rosella' is intermediate in colour, ranging from yellow with a reddish wash to dark orange.
Crimson rosella parrotCrimson rosella parrot