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The tanagers comprise the bird family Thraupidae, the second largest family of birds (after flycatchers) with currently around 240 species, and represents about 4% of all avian species and 12% of the Neotropical birds. It is likely that modern analysis may move some of these birds into other groups. The family can be seen across the Americas - some 60% live in South America.
See also: Bay-headed tanager, Black capped tanager, Blue and black tanager, Blue-grey tanager, Brazilian Tanager, Cherrie's tanager, Crimson backed tanager, Flame-coloured tanager, Golden-hooded tanager, Hepatic tanager, Lachrymose Mountain tanager, Palm tanager, Passerini's Tanager, Red-crowned ant tanager, Santa Marta Mountain tanager, Silver-throated tanager, Sooty-capped bush tanager, Speckled tanager, Summer tanager, Swallow tanager, Western tanager
Bay headed tanagerBlack capped tanagerBlue and black tanagerBlue grey tanagerBrazilian tanagerCherrie's tanagerCrimson backed tanagerFlame coloured tanagerGolden hooded tanagerHepatic tanagerLachrymose mountain tanagerPalm tanagerPasserini's tanagerRed crowned ant tanager, femaleSanta Marta mountain tanagerSilver throated tanagerSooty capped bush tanagerSpeckled tanagerSummer tanagerSwallow tanager