A spiral-horned antelope, the common eland (Taurotragus oryx) is named because eland is Dutch for elk/moose. Also known as the southern eland or eland antelope, this shy animal is found in East and Southern Africa. It is the slowest antelope in the world, which may account for its coyness. However, it can can jump up to 2.5 meters from standing still, which may help it escape predetors. Males have a tuft of black hair that grows out of its dewlap – the loose skin that hangs from its neck. Females have slightly larger horns. An elands can conserve water by increasing its body temperature, thereby reducing the need to sweat. When it gets cooler at dusk, the body heat is then released.
Giant elands have comparatively longer legs than the common eland, as well as much brighter black and white markings on the legs and pasterns.
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