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Stilt is a small family, Recurvirostridae, of only eight species which also includes those known as avocets - there are four stilts (Black necked, Black winged, white backed, white headed) and four avocets (American, Andean, Pied, Red necked). All are extremely long-legged, long-billed wading birds with a striking black and white plumage. They are found in brackish or saline wetlands in warm or hot climates. They have extremely long legs, hence the group name, and long thin bills. All take invertebrates from under the water's surface – stilts by seizing them directly, avocets by scything their bill through the water, finding their prey by touch.
See also: Avocet, Black-necked stilt, Black-winged stilt
Pied avocetPied avocetBlack necked stiltBlack necked stiltBlack winged stiltBlack winged stilt