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The white-browed sparrow-weaver (Plocepasser mahali) is a predominantly brown, sparrow-sized bird found throughout central and north-central southern Africa. Other common names used in English include black-billed mahali weaverbird, black-billed sparrow weaver, Kismayu sparrow-weaver, stripe-breasted sparrow-weaver, white-browed weaver bird, and white-crowned weaver bird. During his expedition to the interior of southern Africa in 1834–35, Andrew Smith named the bird – did not provide an explanation for the species epithet mahali. It may be derived from the vernacular name for the bird in Setswana mogale or from the Sesotho word mohale, a brave or fierce person, which suggests the bird's name may refer to its angry scolding.
White browed sparrow weaverWhite browed sparrow weaverWhite browed sparrow weaver