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The giant wood rail (Aramides ypecaha), which can reach 53cm high, lives along marshes and rivers, and can often be seen completely out in the open, walking slowly along the mud. It is found in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The Giant Wood-rail is distinguished from the similar Slaty-breasted Wood-rail and Grey-necked Wood-rail by its rufous back of neck and belly. It has olive upperparts, a chestnut hind neck and a black tail. The face and foreneck are pale bluish grey and the flanks and upper breast are a delicate browny pink. Legs and iris are reddish-pink while the bill moves from pale orange at the base through apple green to greyish yellow at the tip.
Giant Wood RailGiant Wood RailGiant Wood RailGiant Wood RailGiant Wood RailGiant Wood Rail