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The Indian vulture (Gyps indicus) is an Old World vulture native to India, Pakistan and Nepal. It is found in cities, towns and villages near cultivated areas, and in open and wooded areas. Nine species of vulture can be found living in India, but most are now in danger of extinction after a rapid and major population collapse in recent decades. The nine vultures in India are: Griffon Vulture -Gyps Fulvus; Indian Vulture -Gyps Indicus; Himalayan Vulture -Gyps Himalayensis; Bearded Vulture -Gypaetus Barbatus; Slender-Billed Vulture -Gyps Tenuirostris; White-Rumped Vulture -Gyps Bengalensis; Cinereous Vulture -Aegypius Monachus; Egyptian Vulture -Neophron Percnopterus; Red-Headed Vulture -Sarcogyps Calvus.
Indian VultureIndian Vulture