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The Swinhoe’s pheasant (Lophura swinhoii) is endemic to Taiwan, where it inhabits primary broadleaved forest and mature secondary forest at 200-2,300 m. It is commonly referred to as the unofficial "national bird" of Taiwan. It is named after British ornithologist and naturalist Robert Swinhoe, 1836-1877, who first described the species in the 1862. He is also known for describing 16 other bird species from Formosa. The male is a spectacular bird, with glossy blue-purple chest, belly and rump, brown shoulder, red facial wattles and bright white tail feathers, back of the neck and crest. The female, as is typical with pheasant species, is a dark brown barred colour.
Swinhoe pheasant, maleSwinhoe pheasant femaleSwinhoe pheasant femaleSwinhoe's pheasant, male