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The jacanas are sometimes referred to as Jesus birds or lily trotters. They are a group of tropical waders in the family Jacanidae and are found worldwide within the tropical zone. The northern jacana (Jacana spinosa) is a resident breeder in Central America. Jacanas appear to walk on water, and have long legs and large feet and claws or toes up to 7 cm (2.75 inches) long, which allows the bird to walk on lily pads and other vegetation in the water. They are typically brown with pointy beaks and are good swimmers and divers. and can stay under water for long periods of time. Jacanas rarely leave their lake habitat to walk on land, and they only fly short distances.
See also: Bronze winged jacana, Northern jacana
African jacanaAfrican jacanaBronze winged jacanarBronze winged jacanarBronze winged jacanarBronze winged jacanarNorthern jacanarNorthern jacanarNorthern jacanar