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The comb or knob-billed duck (Sarkidiornis melanotos) gets its common name from the large, fleshy, dark grey growth or ‘comb’ on the top of the male’s black beak. The name of the genus sarkidiornis comes from the Greek “sarkidion”, which means “morsel of meat” and “ornis” = bird; the name therefore refers to the evident fleshy protuberance adorning the bill of the adult males of this species. It is native to Africa, Asia and South America, and is the only known species of the genus Sarkidiornis. The comb duck lives in the wet and woody areas even if it doesn’t spend all its time in water and has arboreal habits, it is easy to see it perched on overhanging branches (preferably dry) of trees and on elevated rocks. It may also climb vertically thanks to its robust legs and claws.
Comb duckComb duckComb duck