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The zebra dove (Geopelia striata) cock and slightly smaller hen are both extensively barred. The most impressive barring is on the sides of the neck, where dark brown jagged striations cover a buff white background, and reveal the zebra markings that led to its name. Also known as barred ground dove, in Thailand it has been a popular cage bird for centuries. There, it is considered a good luck charm and a songster. When calling, it arches its back and lifts its tails as they produce their call. The alternative name of barred ground dove describes the feeding behaviour. In the wild, in pairs or groups, and indeed in captivity, they spend a lot of time foraging on the ground. Zebra doves have a reputation for being “branch potatoes”, because they will remain perched stationary for long periods while recharging their batteries.
Zebra doveZebra doveZebra dove