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The sungrebe (Heliornis fulica) is a beautifully coloured bird that superficially resembles a grebe, is more closely related to the rails, but is the only member of the genus Heliornis. It breeds in tropical Central and South America. The Sungrebe is most frequently seen swimming half-submerged along the surface of water and has spectacular feet with lobed toes that are banded a dull yellow and black. The sungrebe has predominately brown plumage with white stripes down both sides of the bird's long neck. The throat and chin are white and it has a long red bill. The male possesses white cheeks and the female is buff. An unusual trait of this bird species is the ability for males to carry the chicks within skin pouches on the underside of the wings – he is even capable of carrying them while flying.
Sungrebe, femaleSungrebe, femaleSungrebe, femaleSungrebe, maleSungrebe, maleSungrebe, male