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The frigatebirds are a family, Fregatidae, of seabirds. Also known as the man of war bird and the pirate bird it is found in warmer, tropical regions. Frigatebirds are thought to be most closely related to pelicans giving rise to another name for them, which is the frigate pelican. They have an enormous wingspan that often exceeds two meters in length. Male frigatebirds are most commonly known for their red throat pouch, which are inflated to attract female frigatebirds during the mating season. There are five species – The magnificent frigatebird ((Fregata magnificent), the Ascension frigatebird, the Christmas frigatebird, the great frigatebird and the lesser frigatebird. The frigatebird is unable to walk that well and cannot swim, though they have been known to stay in the air for nearly a whole week and only land on the rocky cliffs to breed or to rest.
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Magnificent frigatebirdMagnificent frigatebirdMagnificent frigatebird femaleMagnificent frigatebird femaleMagnificent frigatebird male