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The linnet (Carduelis cannabina) is named for its fondness to flaxseed, which is used in the manufacture of linen. It is a small, slim finch with quite a longish forked tail and a short bill. Linnets are widespread and common throughout much of Europe. Males have grey head, white throat and reddish brown plumage on the back. Crown and chest are pinkish-red during the breeding season. Females are brown, slightly duller compared to males. Ventral side of their body is white with ochre markings on the chest. Wings and tail are white on the edges.
Linnet, maleLinnet, maleLinnet, femaleLinnet, maleLinnet, femaleLinnet, maleLinnet, maleLinnet, maleLinnetLinnet, femaleLinnet, maleLinnet, maleLinnet, maleLinnet, juvenileLinnet, juvenileLinnet, maleLinnet, maleLinnetLinnet, maleLinnet in thorn bush