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Ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) the Anatidae family of birds, are roughly divided into 'surface feeders', which rarely dive, and 'diving ducks', which dive under for food.
See also: Aylesbury Duck, American wigeon, Ancona duck, Australian Shelduck, Australian shoveler, Bahama pintail, Baer's pochard, Baikal teal, Barrow's goldeneye, Bernier teal, Black Swedish duck, Brazilian teal, Bufflehead,Cape shelduck, Cape teal, Chestnut teal, Chiloe Wigeon, Cinnamon teal, Comb Duck, Crested duck, Eider duck, Falcated duck, Ferruginous duck, Freckled duck, Fulvous Tree Duck, Fulvous whistling duck, Gadwall, Goldeneye, Greater scaup, Hardhead, Hooded merganser, Indian Running duck, Laysan duck, Maccao duck, Mallard, Mandarin duck, Mottled duck, Muscovy Duck, Northern pintail, Northern shoveler, Paradise shelduck, Patagonian crested duck, Philippine Duck, Pintail, Pochard, Puna teal, Radjah shelduck, Red crested pochard, Redhead, Ringed teal, Rosybill, Ruddy duck, Ruddy shelduck, Shelduck, Shoveler, Smew, Spot-billed duck, Teal, Tufted Duck, Whistling ducks, Wigeon, Wood duck, Yellow billed duck
Aylsebury duckAmerican black duckAmerican wigeonAncona duckAustralian shelduckAustralian shovelerBaer's pochardBahama pintailBaikal tealBarrow's goldeneyeBernier tealRadjah shelduckBlack Swedish duckBrazilian tealBuffleheadCall duckCape shelduckCape tealChestnut tealChiloe wigeon