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Lapwing is a type of wading bird that belongs to the family of plovers. It can be found in the temperate regions of Eurasia. Lapwing inhabits marshes, flooded areas, pastures, grasslands and fallow fields. Lapwings are also known as "peewits" due to characteristic high-pitched calls "pee-wit" which males produce during the mating season.
See also: Long toed lapwing, Northern lapwing, Red wattled lapwing, River lapwing, Senegal lapwing, Southern lapwing, Spur winged lapwing, White crowned lapwing, Yellow wattled lapwing
Red wattled lapwing mating danceRed wattled lapwing mating danceRed wattled lapwingRiver lapwingRiver lapwingLong toed lapwingNorthern lapwingNorthern lapwingNorthern lapwingNorthern lapwingsNorthern lapwingNorthern lapwingNorthern lapwingSenegal lapwingSouthern lapwingSouthern lapwingSouthern lapwingSpur winged lapwing / ploverYellow wattled lapwingYellow wattled lapwing