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Stock doves (Columba oenas), also known as stock pigeons, are largely blue-grey with an attractive iridescent bottle green band on the back of the neck. The short, deep, "grunting" Ooo-uu-ooh call is quite distinct from the modulated cooing notes of the Wood Pigeon; it is loud enough to be described, somewhat fancifully, as "roaring". The haunts of the Stock Dove are in more or less open country, for though it often nests in trees it prefers parklands to thick woods. It is common on coasts where the cliffs provide holes. The Stock Dove is mostly blue-grey with a pinkish breast and an iridescent green patch on the side of the neck. There is no white patch on the neck, like on an adult Wood Pigeon, and it is darker than the Wood Pigeon. Perhaps the best differentiating feature, however, is their black eyes. The bill is yellowish and the legs are pink.
Stock doveStock doveStock doveStock doveStock dove