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Hildebrandt's starling (Lamprotornis hildebrandti) is named after Johannes Hildebrandt, a German collector who was the first European to obtain specimens. It is found in Kenya and Tanzania, where it occupies open woodland and open thornbrush country. Hildebrandt's Starling is often found feeding in mixed flocks with the Superb Starling. While superficially similar to the Superb, the adults can be distinguished by eye colour (red in Hildebrandt's, creamy-white in the Superb) and breast band (the adult Superb has a white band across its chest). Males and females look alike. The adult plumage is mostly a bluish or publish black on top with a bright iridescence to it. The head is blue; the throat and upper chest are glossy purple, and the tail is glossy blue-green. The wings are bronze-green with blue primary wing feathers. The middle chest and upper abdomen are orangey-buff. The lower abdomen is reddish-brown or rust coloured. The eyes are orange-red. The bill and legs are black.
Hildebrandt's starlingHildebrandt's starling