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The Red-fronted Macaws (Ara rubrogenys) - also known as Lafresnaye's or Red-cheeked Macaws - are medium-sized, highly endangered macaws found in South America. They are the smallest of the large Macaws. Due to capturing for the pet market and hunting by local farmers, who consider them crop pests, the population of Red-fronted Macaws has declined considerably over the years taking this species close to extinction in the wild. It is mostly green, and has a red forehead, a red patch over the ears and bright red to orange edged under wing coverts. It has an area of pinkish skin around the eyes extending to the beak. It has red at the bend of wings and blue primary wing feathers. Males and females look alike. the Red-fronted Macaw lives in a rather inhospitable mountainous environment, dry desert scrub lands moving into sparse woodlands at the higher elevations, and water is scarce. They have been observed feeding on corn and peanuts at small local farms, cactus fruits and several native fruits. They eat a variety of seeds, nuts, fruits, commercial pellets, insects and larvae.
Red fronted macaw