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The common loon (Gavia immer), also known as the Great Northern Diver, is named for its clumsy, awkward appearance when walking on land. The name may also refer to its eerie, haunting call which varies from wails to tremolos to yodels. The Common loon is the most widespread and well-known species of loon in North America. It has striking red eyes, black heads and necks, and white striping, checkering, and spotting on their backs. It breeds in northern North America and parts of Greenland and Iceland and winters all along North America’s Pacific and Atlantic coasts as well as in Europe and Iceland. There are four other species: red-throated loon, Pacific loon, Arctic loon and yellow-billed loon. It is known as the great northern diver in Eurasia.
Common loonCommon loonCommon loonGreat northern diverGreat northern diverGreat northern diverGreat northern diverGreat northern diver