The Marbled Orb-weaver (Araneus marmoreus) is named after the extremely ornate marbled pattern on its abdomen. It is also known as the pumpkin spider from the resemblance of the female's inflated abdomen to an orange pumpkin. There are two varieties; one is marbled all over, while the other has a cream or yellow coloured patch on the dorsal side of the abdomen with a darker coloured, roughly triangular patch. The marbled orb weaver has a clever strategy to capture prey while limiting exposure to its own enemies. It hides in a retreat near the web, linked by a strand of silk called a signal thread. When a potential victim is snared by the web, vibrations travel along the thread and alert the orb weaver to the presence of its prey.
Marbled orb weaver spiderMarbled orb weaver spiderMarbled orb weaver spider