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The roul roul partridge ( Rollulus roulroul) is also known as the crested wood partridge, red-crowned wood partridge, green wood quail or green wood partridge, and males are easily recognisable by their spectacular red crest. It is found in the lowland rainforests of Myanmar, Thailand, Malayasia, Sumatra and Borneo. Roul roul partridges live on the forest floor and spend the majority of their day foraging for food in groups as large as 40 individuals. They will often follow wild pigs through the forests, feeding on the pig's leftovers such as half eaten fruit. They will also use their feet to scratch for food under the leaf litter. They roost in trees at night. Roul roul partridges pair for life. They nest in a scrape in the ground which is covered with a complex dome structure of leaves and twigs in which the female is completely hidden from view. The female lays 5-6 white eggs which hatch after an incubation period of 18 days. The chicks stay with the parents for three months.
Roul roul partridgeRoul roul partridgeRoul roul partridge