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The Hepatic tanager (Piranga flava) is mostly scarlet red, with the brightest colour on the forehead and throat – the common name hepatic means liver-coloured, namely, brownish-red. It has grey flanks, dusky cheeks, and dark eye streaks. It occurs in Central, North and South America and is one of only five Tanager species that occur naturally in North America. The female is different – the back is olive and the underparts are orange-yellow. She also has dark cheeks. The Hepatic Tanager may include three different species: the Hepatic Tanager, found from the United States southward to Nicaragua; the Tooth-billed Tanager, found from Costa Rica to northern South America; and the Red Tanager of eastern and southeastern South America. The two southern forms lack the dusky ear coverts of the northern form.
Hepatic tanagerHepatic tanagerHepatic tanagerHepatic tanagerHepatic tanagerHepatic tanager