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The Patagonian Conure (Cyanoliseus patagonus), also known as the Burrowing Parrot/Parakeet, is mainly found in Argentina but can also be found in Uruguay, Chile, and occasionally the Falklands. Its natural habitat is the arid bush steppe community known as the Monte Desert which lies southeast of the Atacama Desert in Chile, north of the larger Patagonian Desert. Unlike most conures in the wild, who nest in tree cavities, Patagonian Conures prefer to nest inside cliffs. Their nests are made of tunnels that are deeply rooted into the rocks. That's why this conure has been named the Cliff-dwelling or the Burrowing Parrot. This conure has its own genus that is comprised of three species, the Lesser Patagonian Conure, the Andean Patagonian Conure, and the Greater Patagonian Conure. All look almost identical but their size separates them.
Patagonian conurePatagonian conurePatagonian conure