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The Hottentot teal (Anas hottentota) is the smallest of the African ducks and one the smallest of all the waterfowl, weighing a mere 8 or 9 ounces. It is a small dabbling duck native to Eastern and Southern Africa. The most striking feature of the Hottentot teal is its blue bill. Males and females are very similar in size and colour, but the female is much lighter on her underside. Both have blue-grey feet, a black head, a brown spotted breast, and a bit of green on their wings. The Hottentot teal eats by swimming with its bill in the water. It catches mostly insects and crustaceans this way. It also eats seeds and vegetation. Hottentot teals are sedentary in West Africa and Madagascar but partly migratory elsewhere. The Hottentot teal lives in large flocks in the wild.
Hottentot tealHottentot tealHottentot tealHottentot tealHottentot tealHottentot teal