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The herons are long-legged freshwater and coastal birds in the family Ardeidae, with 64 recognised species. They inhabit wetlands and areas that are close to lakes, ponds and rivers. and are supreme hunters of fish and other small aquatic prey.
See also: Bare throated tiger heron, Black crowned night heron, Black headed heron, Black heron, Boat billed heron, Chinese Pond heron, Cocoi heron, Goliath heron, Great Blue heron, Green backed heron, Green heron, Grey heron, Indian pond heron/paddybird, Little blue heron, Purple heron, Squacco heron, Tiger heron, Tricoloured heron, Western Reef heron, Yellow crowned night heron
Bare throated tiger heronBlack crowned night heronBlack headed heronBoat billed heronChinese pond heronCocoi heronGreat blue heronGreen backed heronGreen heronGrey heronIndian Pond heronLittle blue heronPurple heronSquacco heronTiger heronTricoloured heronWestern reef heronYellow crowned night heronYellow crowned night heron