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A large family worldwide, includes 365 species distributed over the Americas, Flycatchers (main muscicapine genus Muscicapa), The New World family Tyrannidae (tyrant flycatchers) – the name tyrant reflects their pugnacity toward crows, hawks, and other large birds, which they harass with great determination. The family varies in colour from drab to brilliant. Flycatchers have large heads, broad shoulders, flattish bills, pointed wings, and small, weak legs and feet. They sit rather upright on their short legs, have tapered tails, large eyes and shallow but broad bills, which help them catch flying insects. They are quite long-winged and agile in flight. Flycatchers characteristically feed by darting after insects from an advantageous perch.
See also: Ash throated flycatcher, Black phoebe flycatcher, Boat-billed flycatcher, Cinnamon flycatcher, Common tody flycatcher, Dark pewee flycatcher, Grey silky flycatcher, Long-tailed silky flycatcher, Nilgiri flycatcher, Panama flycatcher, Red breasted flycatcher, Rusty margined flycatcher,Social flycatcher, Streaked flycatcher, Yellowish flycatcher
Ash throated flycatcherAsian brown flycatcherBlack phoebe flycatcherBoat billed flycatcherBrown crested flycatcherCinnamon flycatcherCommon tody flycatcherDark pewee flycatcherEastern phoebeGrey silky flycatcherLong tailed silky flycatcher, femaleLong tailed silky flycatcherNilgiri flycatcher, femaleNilgiri flycatcher, malePanama flycatcherRusty margined flycatcherSocial flycatcherStreaked flycatcherTickell's blue flycatcherTropical kingbird