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Lizards are a widespread group of squamate reptiles, with over 6,000 species, a tremendous variety in colour, appearance, and size and comprises 40 different families ranging across all continents except Antarctica. Only three lizard species are clinically venomous: the Komodo Dragon, Mexican Beaded Lizard, and the Gila Monster. The name "bearded dragon" refers to the "beard" of the lizard, the underside of the throat which turns black if they are stressed or see a potential rival.
Argentine black and white teguBearded lizardBlue-bellied ridgeback agamaCoast Range Western Fence LizardAmeiva lizardGreen basilisk lizardGreen basilisk lizardGalapagos land iguanaGalapagos marine iguanaStarred agamaWall lizardWall lizardWall lizard