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The gadwall (Anas strepera) is a common and widespread duck. The etymology of the word gadwall is not known. Male gadwalls are grey-brown with a white belly and a black rump. The bill is black and the legs and feet are yellow. Female gadwalls are similar to males, but have a mottled brown appearance, a yellowish bill with dark spots and a smaller white speculum. Males perform a very complex mating dance. The Gadwall will nest on the ground, quite away from the waters edge. These ducks live preferably in open wetlands, such as wet grasslands, gravel pits and in slow-flowing rivers where there are islands of vegetation. They mainly eat leaves, seeds and the stems of the water plants found near their habitat. They feed by dabbling for plant food under the water by ducking under with their head submerged.
Gadwall, male & female.Gadwall, male and femaleGadwall, male and femaleGadwall, male and femaleGadwallGadwall, male and femaleGadwall, maleGadwall, maleGadwall, maleGadwall, male & female.Gadwall, male & female.Gadwall, maleGadwallGadwallGadwallGadwallGadwall, femaleGadwall