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There are six species of Quetzal (also Quetzel and Quesal): Crested, Eared, Golden-headed, Pavonine, Resplendent, and White-tipped. Quetzals eat insects, small frogs, lizards, and fruit. The favourite fruit of many quetzals is aguacatillo, a miniature avocado, which they swallow whole, later spitting out the seed. Quetzals make nests in rotted trees or stumps about 30 feet above the ground. Sometimes they use where a woodpecker has hollowed out a hole. Other times they use their beaks to peck out their own hollow. Both mother and father take turns sitting on the eggs. Young quetzals can fly when about three weeks old.
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Resplendent quetzalResplendent quetzal femaleResplendent quetzalResplendent quetzalResplendent quetzalResplendent quetzalResplendent quetzal femaleWhite tipped quetzalWhite tipped quetzalWhite tipped quetzal femaleWhite tipped quetzal female