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The pied imperial pigeon (Ducula bicolor) is mainly found in forests and plantations on small islands in the Indian Ocean and also the mainland of northern and north-eastern Australia. It is also known as the Torresian Imperial Pigeon, Torres Strait Pigeon, White Nutmeg-Pigeon, Nutmeg Pigeon, Spice Pigeon, or Australian Pied Imperial-Pigeon. Pied Imperial-Pigeons are fruit eaters, eating from tropical trees, palms, vines and bushes. They feed in the dense canopies of trees but occasionally near the ground in shrubs or small trees, and are very fast flyers, beating their wings regularly and occasionally giving them a sharp flick which is a common characteristic of pigeons.
Pied imperial pigeonPied imperial pigeonPied imperial pigeonPied imperial pigeonPied imperial pigeon