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Geese belong to the order Anseriformes, which includes all sorts of waterfowl. Swans and geese are the largest waterfowl, characterised by long necks and non-iridescent coloration. Even though they are waterfowl, geese spend most of their time on land. There are two major genera among the geese: Anser geese and Branta geese.

Anser geese usually have pink, orange or grey legs and bills. Their bills are serrated. Belonging to this group are the species Bar-Headed, Bean, Emperor, Greylag, Pink-Footed, Ross', Snow, Swan Goose and White-Fronted.

Branta geese always have black bills, which are softer than those of the anser geese and without serrations. Belonging to this group are the species Barnacle, Brent, Canada, Nene or Hawaiian and Red-Breasted.

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