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The hobby's scientific name (Falco subbuteo) is known to generations of table football players. Hobby was the favourite bird of the Subbuteo game's designer, Peter Adolph. But the actual name Hobby comes from ancient French hober - meaning to jump about, which is what the hobby does when it is catching insects mid-flight. A fairly small, very swift falcon, the hobby has long narrow wings and a relatively short tail. Dark grey above. The dark crown and moustache are reminiscent of the Peregrine Falcon, but with a short white supercillium. Breast is white with fine black streaks. Undertail coverts and leg feathering are bright rufous. In flight, the underside of the wingtips and trailing edge of wings are dark. Wings are often swept back.Dragonflies and other insects are easily snatched right out of the air, while small birds such as swifts and swallows are swooped on with a deadly speed.