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Grallariidae is a family of smallish passerine birds of subtropical and tropical Central and South America known as antpittas which are related to antbirds. They are forest birds that tend to feed on insects at or near the ground since many are specialist ant eaters. The antpittas are sexually monomorphic; they resemble the true pittas in that they are virtually tailess; they hop like some thrushes. Most are drab in appearance with shades of (rusty) brown, black, and white being their dominant tones. Compared to other birds that specialise in following ants, this family is the most tied to the ground. The long, powerful legs (which lend the birds a distinctive upright posture) and an essentially vestigial tail aid this lifestyle.
See also: Bicoloured antpitta, Brown banded antpitta, Chestnut crowned antpitta, Slate crowned antpitta
Bicoloured antpittaBrown banded antpittaBrown banded antpittaChestnut crowned antpittaChestnut crowned antpittaSlate crowned antpittaSlate crowned antpitta