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There are some 66 species of Plover in the subfamily, most of them called plover or dotterel. They are small, dumpy, short-legged wading birds with short bills and strong markings of black or brown above with white below. Plovers are found throughout the world, with the exception of the Sahara and the polar regions.
See also: Blacksmith plover, Crowned plover, Golden plover, Grey plover, Kentish plover, Little ringed plover, Masked plover/lapwing, Ringed plover
Blacksmith ploverBlacksmith ploverBlack winged ploverBlack winged ploverCrowned ploverCrowned ploverGolden ploverGrey ploverKentish ploverMasked ploverMasked ploverPacific golden ploverRinged ploverRinged ploverSemipalmated ploverSnowy plover