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Hummingbirds are a diverse family of over 300 species. Their name comes from the fact that they flap their wings so fast (about 80 times per second) that they make a humming noise. Hummingbirds can fly right, left, up, down, backwards, and even upside down. Our gallery includes many varieties. Hummingbirds have lower number of feathers compared to other birds (less than 1000), but they are known as "the flying jewels" because they are able to change the color of their feathers when they fly. This unique characteristic is the result of the iridescence coloring of the feathers and the influence of light, moisture and other factors.
See these hummingbirds: Amethyst Throated sunangel, Bearded helmetcrest, Blue throated starfrontlet, Broad Tailed, Brown violetear, Buff tailed coronet, Buff winged starfrontlet, Charming, Collared inca, Emerald bellied puffleg, Glowing puffleg , Great sapphirewing , Green Crowned Brilliant, Green Violet Ear, Long billed hermit, Magnificent, Purple Crowned Fairy, Purple Throated Mountain Gem, Rufous Tailed, Scintillant hummingbird, Shining sunbeam, Sparkling violetear, Steely vented, Tourmaline sunangel, Violet crowned woodnymph hummingbird, Violet Sabrewing, Viridian metaltail hummingbird, White necked jacobin, White tailed starfrontlet, White Throated Mountain Gem
Amethyst throated sunangel hummingbirdBearded helmetcrest hummingbirdBlue throated starfrontlet hummingbirdBroad tailed hummingbirdBronzy incaBrown violetear hummingbirdBuff tail coronet hummingbirdBuff winged starfrontlet hummingbirdCharming hummingbirdCollared Inca hummingbirdEmerald bellied puffleg hummingbirdGlowing puffleg hummingbirdGreat sapphirewing hummingbirdGreen crowned woodnymph hummingbirdGreen violetear hummingbirdLong billed hermit hummingbirdMagnificent hummingbirdPurple crowned fairy  hummingbirdPurple throated mountain gem hummingbirdRufous tailed hummingbird