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Any of several resplendent birds of the pheasant family, Phasianidae (order Galliformes). The peacock (Pavo cristatus) is designated as the national bird of India. When a peacock fans its ornamented train for the ladies during mating season, its feathers quiver, emitting a low-frequency sound inaudible to human ears. Depending on whether they want to attract females from far away or up close, they can change the sound by shaking different parts of their feathers. The feathers are made up of microscopic crystal-like structures” that reflect different wavelengths of light depending on how they’re spaced, resulting in bright fluorescent colours. Hummingbirds have a similar visual effect on their own wings.The male peachicks don’t start growing their showy trains until about age three. the peacocks shed their train every year after mating season, so the feathers can be gathered and sold without the birds coming to any harm. The term "peacock" is often used to describe both male and female birds, but peacock is actually a name that refers to male peafowl – so a male peafowl is called a peacock while a female is called a peahen.
Peacock, displaying feathersPeacockPeacock displayingPeacock displayingPeaock in the wildPeacockPeacockPeacock, displaying feathersPeacock, displaying feathersPeacockPeacockPeahenPeahen with juvenilesPeahen with juvenilesPeahen with juvenilesPeacock in the wildPeacocks in the wildPeacockPeacockPeacock