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The ringed teal (Callonetta leucophrys) is a small a small dabbling duck that is found in tropical, swampy forests and marshes in heavily wooded lowlands, secluded ponds and small streams in northwest Argentina and Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay. Unusually, they nest in cavities in trees. It is the only species of the genus, Callonetta. The drake has a rich chestnut back, pale grey flanks and a salmon-coloured breast speckled in black. A black band runs from the top of its head down to the nape. Females have an olive-brownish back with the head blotched and striated in white, with pencilled barring on a pale chest and belly. Females can easily be distinguished in their first plumage having the distinctive white eye stripe that remains with them into adult plumage. There are at least three colour variations of the Ringed Teal being Blonde, Orange and Blue, the blue is very much rarer than the orange.
Ringed tealRinged tealRinged tealRinged teal